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Maybe Someday

There’s a pile of clothes

lying down on my floor

and all I can dream

is that they’re yours


That I could pick them up

and breathe in your scent

and tilt my face up to your smile…


That I could melt all the distance

the miles between us two

Sometimes we laugh because it hurts inside

Sometimes because there isn’t much else to do


and I, I cannot wait for the day

when goodnight is our only goodbye

and I can fall asleep in your arms again

staying there indefinitely…


Feeling that we have

all the time in the world

and then knowing that we actually do


Maybe someday

all my dreams will come true

Maybe someday

Maybe someday…

—Fri. Aug 28th 2015


Bottling love

heart-side up

spilling and overflowing

my empty cup

…and now it smells of home everywhere.


I breathe in the scented air

the noxious toxic euphoric perfume

I can’t let go

Can’t let go of the pearly sheen

infatuated by the swirly smoke

-mesmerized by the power it holds


Swallow the poison potion if you dare

I will still be waiting here for you

Right where we left off

With you more obsessed

Before amortentia drew you away.


Kiss me goodbye

I can’t help but be afraid

that I’ll never survive without you

by my side


But this time

I have more

and that’s precisely why I’m scared.


Outside of your world again

and all the voices blur

Disconnected from all their familiar faces

a rushing in a shell

an ocean dream…


…Trapped inside your ears

and all the in-betweens slur together

Lost in time

Calm washes over me

as I disappear.


Finding another way

to wish upon a star again

hold another moment

flush within my arms


Facing another day

Sitting down to watch

What little time we have

slip by…


Wandering astray

Hoping to find you

Lost somewhere

waiting for me to catch you

and bring you home.

The Fallen Scotsman

You want to kill the king

only with repose

you’d sooner show your innocence

what happened to the man I used to know?

The soldier I knew

but a moment ago

That man has morphed back into a boy

in all his childish ways

You can’t handle it

You never could…


Walk away from me

with your tail between your legs

trembling like a scared little child

and yet still I wait for you

Raising my voice again


You’re never known

and you never will

So you hide

One more time from this.

All My Love

I think someone

plucked all the stars

from the velvet sky

and slipped them into your eyes

…into your eyes


I think someone

must have melted all the rosy petals

to make your cherry smile

your warm, inviting mouth

the softest lips

the perfect kiss…


You are made of stardust


all of the best nights

all of the brightest dreams…


I think someone

built your heart out of a melody

a memory

a secret locked in my heart


I think someone

wove you together so perfectly

a blanket of galaxies

and wishes and stars

I think someone

built you incomplete

so I could interfere

with all my love

…all my love.

Lost and Found

I’m lost in a place

where I never want to be found

ever again…


I’m lost worlds away

right here in your arms

with people I could call my family

I feel all right, I feel okay

I don’t usually feel this way…

I don’t ever want to leave.


I’m drowning in a sea

where I’ve found happiness again finally

I am too calm to be rescued

and yet they pull me out too soon

too late

that’s just one more mistake

and the bittersweet salty taste

will never leave my mouth

as awake

as it once did

once I’m gone…


No longer am I safe and sound

You can’t ever come around to greet me

I have been found

and all I want to do is leave.


It’s spring right now here

all the cherry blossoms are out and

how I wish you were here to see them

to be with me…


I’m just learning how to breathe (again)

It’s just March and

Flurries of pink petals

Rosy as the morning dew

All full up and dripping like

My love for you


I’m still living in the winter

No time yet to welcome in the warmth

of the fallen flowers still in full bloom

of the paper hearts hanging


fading away.

Second-Hand Faith

She gives me her

faded fantasies

and second-hand faith

Not full at all


We can never be this close again

No matter how hard we try

more hope

more wishes

more lies

but no more sad, sick goodbyes…


and not another sharp corner

not another surprise

I won’t let it happen again

Not one more time.


Yes, I’ll stay

Play pretend for one more day

Live the dream another way

and nothing left to say

…nothing left to say


I can try to stay

Play pretend for another day

Drenched in this passionate calm

Calmly passionate place

Please don’t let me escape…

I won’t try to get away again.


I want to stay

Wishing for another way

Though I’m all out of alternatives

Please let me stay.

–Sat. Jan 10th 2015