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Bottling love heart-side up spilling and overflowing my empty cup …and now it smells of home everywhere.   I breathe in the scented air the noxious toxic euphoric perfume I can’t let go Can’t let go of the pearly sheen infatuated by the swirly smoke -mesmerized by the power it holds   Swallow the poison […]


Finding another way to wish upon a star again hold another moment flush within my arms   Facing another day Sitting down to watch What little time we have slip by…   Wandering astray Hoping to find you Lost somewhere waiting for me to catch you and bring you home.

Decayed Life

Tattered cobweb shawls Spidery hands and a skeletal face Up in the attic, lost in her chest she rotted and withered away   Threadbare frayed heart Another empty day Hiding the hidden — (locked away)   A washed-out body for a decayed dress For all the reasons that she can’t show   Kissed by death […]

Ponderings on Children

Children are the light of our world; as they know nothing, yet see everything.

Speculative Quote…

Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened.                                                                                             […]

Inspirational Quote…

Be yourself; everyone else is taken. — Oscar Wilde