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Maybe Someday

There’s a pile of clothes lying down on my floor and all I can dream is that they’re yours   That I could pick them up and breathe in your scent and tilt my face up to your smile…   That I could melt all the distance the miles between us two Sometimes we laugh […]


Bottling love heart-side up spilling and overflowing my empty cup …and now it smells of home everywhere.   I breathe in the scented air the noxious toxic euphoric perfume I can’t let go Can’t let go of the pearly sheen infatuated by the swirly smoke -mesmerized by the power it holds   Swallow the poison […]


Kiss me goodbye I can’t help but be afraid that I’ll never survive without you by my side again But this time I have more and that’s precisely why I’m scared.   Outside of your world again and all the voices blur Disconnected from all their familiar faces a rushing in a shell an ocean […]

The Fallen Scotsman

You want to kill the king only with repose you’d sooner show your innocence what happened to the man I used to know? The soldier I knew but a moment ago That man has morphed back into a boy in all his childish ways You can’t handle it You never could…   Walk away from […]

All My Love

I think someone plucked all the stars from the velvet sky and slipped them into your eyes …into your eyes   I think someone must have melted all the rosy petals to make your cherry smile your warm, inviting mouth the softest lips the perfect kiss…   You are made of stardust starlight all of […]

Lost and Found

I’m lost in a place where I never want to be found ever again…   I’m lost worlds away right here in your arms with people I could call my family I feel all right, I feel okay I don’t usually feel this way… I don’t ever want to leave.   I’m drowning in a […]


It’s spring right now here all the cherry blossoms are out and how I wish you were here to see them to be with me…   I’m just learning how to breathe (again) It’s just March and Flurries of pink petals Rosy as the morning dew All full up and dripping like My love for […]

Second-Hand Faith

She gives me her faded fantasies and second-hand faith Not full at all   We can never be this close again No matter how hard we try more hope more wishes more lies but no more sad, sick goodbyes…   and not another sharp corner not another surprise I won’t let it happen again Not […]


Yes, I’ll stay Play pretend for one more day Live the dream another way and nothing left to say …nothing left to say   I can try to stay Play pretend for another day Drenched in this passionate calm Calmly passionate place Please don’t let me escape… I won’t try to get away again.   […]

Shattered Sea

I’ll carry the sea in a jar round my neck rushing and whooshing it seeps into me   I’ll keep the sea in a jar round my throat …caught in a net never letting it go   I’ll sleep with the sea wrapped tight round my soul until the glass breaks and I’ll never forget… […]