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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Time For Tea

tick tock goes the clock on the wall as it chimes four times spiders stir colours blur… Time for tea!

Silent Highwayman

Death’s silent highway on which he rows his boat is the river Thames upon which bodies float   Death’s noiseless oars paddle swiftly through the water he spares no living being no mother, father, or daughter

Freak of Nature

Bite my tounge so I can’t speak tell me that in nature, I am only a freak

Melancholy Mist

A melancholy mist settles like a veil A quiet kind of sad happiness You feel it hang in the air and wish it weren’t there as you slip deeper and deeper in…  

Forever Night

in general you know i’m just kind of tired tired and sleepless i think and when i get up and get washed and get dressed i feel all rather too much awake i want to stay silent and sleepless tonight want it never to turn into day if the sun never rises maybe this time […]

Rose-Colored World

sometimes¬† i want to see the world through rose-colored glasses rose-colored eyes should leave no surprise… but it’s not really like that not really so… is it?  

Harvest Moon Haiku

Leaves crunch below me the harvest moon rises high a crisp autumn night


I see a small fat body attatched to four scurrying legs in whole you are forsaken to a life

Missing Children

Where have all the children gone? automatons take their place… cold and harsh the wind does blow against a cracked and battered face

Hidden Winter Rose

The soft winter woodland grows icy winter windstorms blow Cold and icy grows the rose where it lies nobody knows