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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Impossible Someday

Makes you wonder sometimes …doesn’t it? About life, and death, and all sorts of other stuff About wishes, dreams, intangibilities and escaping the glass-walled box you’ve encased yourself in… Freeze time! -and memories! and everything else! Dust off all your impossible wishes that you’ve kept on your shelf… …because the time is now! Now, and never […]


The grass is wet with droplets of dew the sun peeks through a sky of blue…   Bare feet run still with the promise of rain Unused eggs to dye we’ll drain Where the flowers bloom, and the trees grew moss the cold chills of Yule are left behind and lost   Vernal leporidae multiply […]


I’ve been down this road so many times Trying to remember how to walk within the lines   I’ve been climbing all your trees trying to hide in between the leaves trying to see what lies ahead…   I’ve been sitting on a creaky porch swing trying to think at one with the wind trying to […]

What If

What if I’m an introvert who doesn’t want to be alone What if I’m a shy girl who reaps what she has sown What if all I’m looking for is all I’ve ever known What if all I’m asking for is a place that I can call home…

The Land of Mango Sunsets

I am from visits to tropical beaches From dancing in the rain damp sand between my toes and mango-colored sunsets in my eyes   I am from the dawn chorus, waking me up for school From murmurings of those up before me the air conditioner breathing; the fan clicking and my older sister playing her […]

Candyfloss Roses

Soft, gentle flurries light like candyfloss searching through the snow for the forever lost   Wishing won’t help for it’s all dead and gone strewn upon rosy petals scattered across the icy dawn

Snow in March

today i woke up and it was snowing -in march! i thought of Edward Scissorhands and smiled how couldn’t i? so i looked up at the sky and thought that i could live my whole life through and never again once see snow in march. wouldn’t you?

Opium Den

drip drip drip the bottle of opium has tipped atop the cracked countertop in the smoke-filled den   ladies came here, as did men to vapourize any worries dumb imported from China, their one true love was this drug that made them numb   opium den, opium den step right up, ladies and gents opium […]

If I Were…

If i were a golden apple then how tarnished would i be? What if all that i ever wished for was all i could ever see…   If i were a melted rose cold and shivering in the wind then how long would it take me to break free and softly sing?