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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Messenger of Death

The Messenger of Death Expeditiously she comes; and fleetly she goes On velvet-ebony feathers Representing ravens and crows…   On silent wings of charcoal she flies Swiftly through the night   With a soft caw She bears lost souls And guides them from the light   An omen she is Of untimely demise And take […]

Birthday Wishes

Turn back the clock To when I was a child And slower now, I’ll sink right in and there I’ll stay and hide…   Take me down that road and pull me in all too deep Rock me in the crooked cradle And sing me to sleep…   Oh, sing me lullabies From times long […]

Waltz of Ghosts

The ballroom is empty Yet full all the same The softly echoing walls Seem to call your name   The swishing of long skirts of deep curtseys and low bows The haunting violas… in silence lies the loudest sound   Slowly the background begins to fade And figures appear, swirling round and round They invite […]

Piggy in the Mirror

Piggy in the mirror It fades so I see clearer Open eyes, perceiving nothing Nothing but the worst of luck   Piggy in the mirror Wishing may seem nearer Sealed-up hearts, believing no-one No-one but their sacred selves   Piggy in the mirror Nothing else but queerer What lurks beneath the calm exterior We may […]

Faerie Trance

Alone I wandered to the woodlands one night Drawn in by a lilting faerie tune   Softly and silently I drew near in the hope that they would grant me a boon   Unbeknownst to me in one step times three I stepped inside a faerie ring   I was caught in a trap of […]

Witch Hunt

A witch! A witch! the people cry with glee Puritans clad in black sought out the guilty party   A witch! A witch! a murmur goes through the crowd soft and slow cold and low yet so very strangely loud   Within the dimly-lit courtroom a trial is being held a woman is suspected for […]

Whispering Willows

The soft rustling of springtime willow branches Trees whisper secrets

Phoenix Heart

A phoenix heart born from the ashes a fire lights up the night   Heated feathers rustle wishes abound a soft, desperate cry swirls round and round   Swooping and swirling coming in little flashes a solitary bird in flight   So close to the flame Yet so far from the fire I allow my […]

Ponderings on Children

Children are the light of our world; as they know nothing, yet see everything.

The Spirit of the Forest

I hide underneath the tangled roots and betwixt the twisted vines   I hide within the faerie rings so seek and ye shall find   I am here, there, everywhere anyplace you look Please come and take a seat beside the softly babbling brook   You see me in your wildest dreams sailing upon the […]