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Monthly Archives: October 2013

The Underground Railway

In about 1840 to 1864, before the American Civil War, Upper Canada became a refuge for black Americans escaping slavery, mainly because slavery had been illegal there since the end of the 1700s. In all, about 30,000 slaves escaped to Canada with the help of the Underground Railway. The Underground Railway was a network of […]

Inspirational Quote

“When it is dark enough, you can see the stars.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson   Only when we seem to be in our darkest hours can we see soft glimmers of hope. The hope may be rather difficult to find at first, however, it is there. Stay strong, keep going, and the world will look more […]


Tawny roar trapped in a cage All you ever do is pace… What if we turned you half human? Then would they finally understand? Why can’t they relate to anything but themselves? Would they only react better if they were the ones who were caged?

I Am…

I am the dark thought at the back of your mind. Your deepest fear, the unknown, the unseen. I pass by unnoticed, although you may see my shadow at times. We have not met yet, however someday, we will. I shall take you dancing; give you a ride through the snowy forest on my horse. […]

Calling Out

The lost worlds of lush tropical trees My lost past, it calls out to me Left behind in all my haste But forgotten, never the bittersweet taste Of things I’ve pushed away Away and away and away and away… Saving and wishing for another day Another lost-laced tropical song… Worlds and worlds and worlds away […]