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Monthly Archives: May 2014


Silver threads Encased inside a silver room Dream of gossamer wings Flitting fabric dry after springtime rains Metamorphosize Into another shade of yourself Silently unfold Out of your gilded cocoon.

Morning Dreams

Evanescent is the morning dawn Or nightly cloak as the day is gone Evanescent is the imaginary light Soft and gentle and aching and slight   As silently sleeping with eyes softly closed Longing takes a rest in my heart The rain bleeding in from the open-edged window Sets innocence apart   Evanescent is the […]

Springtime Blossoms

Paper-thin blossoms Rosy as the morning dawn Wet with springtime rains.


Empty orbs of glass See right through me Pursed ruby lips painted blood Lust Hunger for something more Unattainable Cold, lifeless Broken fa├žade on the floor.