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Monthly Archives: June 2014


I still remember the days Pounding soft surf and waking to waves…..   -and the nights warm and humid cicaks and The strumming of a lone guitar Enveloped by the dark fabric of the sky   I still remember Everything in between the worlds and if I could find a way to get it back, I would […]

Ashes of You

Sometimes when you burn all your bridges It gives you nothing to come back to It makes me want to burn all the pictures Turn all of them into ashes of you   To keep in a locket around my neck A secret trapped in my heart And when the time comes, I know I’ll […]

The Promise

“Daddy! Hold me!” she exclaims with childlike glee “Promise that you’ll never let me go!” “I won’t let you fall,” he says with earnesty And the promise stays floating there…   But will he always be there to catch her when she starts to fall?   and with her eyes she looks and sees that […]