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Monthly Archives: September 2014


Here away from the city lights I can finally see the stars   Pinpricks of light in a darkening sky I feel so small and so far away from you now   It really does make me wonder It really does make me forget…   Does everyone have someone they miss when looking up at the […]

Snow White

Snow White hiding in the woods Dwarves are closing in Blue around the mouth and eyes Stop the heart and win   Passionate Unrequited obsessions Still beating at the curtain call Affection Amorous poison still throbs through the veins of ruby lips   Apple dusted powder white Snow atop the red a travesty of the animated stars Blinded by […]


Consumed by the swelling of the tides She watches the waves break Watches the soft sea froth and foam The crashing caress of the rocks below   Consumed by the breathing of the sky The grey turning tumble of clouds and I Slow eyes upturned to the turbulence As everything fades away   Consumed by the […]

Lonely Island

An island unto myself and me with nobody else my heart melts into the sand and my hair into the sea… Sitting on a lonely island Just the place for me.