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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Second-Hand Faith

She gives me her faded fantasies and second-hand faith Not full at all   We can never be this close again No matter how hard we try more hope more wishes more lies but no more sad, sick goodbyes…   and not another sharp corner not another surprise I won’t let it happen again Not […]


Yes, I’ll stay Play pretend for one more day Live the dream another way and nothing left to say …nothing left to say   I can try to stay Play pretend for another day Drenched in this passionate calm Calmly passionate place Please don’t let me escape… I won’t try to get away again.   […]

Shattered Sea

I’ll carry the sea in a jar round my neck rushing and whooshing it seeps into me   I’ll keep the sea in a jar round my throat …caught in a net never letting it go   I’ll sleep with the sea wrapped tight round my soul until the glass breaks and I’ll never forget… […]

Eleven Again

Walking with you around the curves and bends just you and I and all the geometry   discussions of science -the universe and I was suddenly eleven again …we were both there again   I want to stay forever that’s what I miss the most I hope I didn’t look too stupid when i didn’t […]

Decayed Life

Tattered cobweb shawls Spidery hands and a skeletal face Up in the attic, lost in her chest she rotted and withered away   Threadbare frayed heart Another empty day Hiding the hidden — (locked away)   A washed-out body for a decayed dress For all the reasons that she can’t show   Kissed by death […]