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Monthly Archives: June 2015


Kiss me goodbye I can’t help but be afraid that I’ll never survive without you by my side again But this time I have more and that’s precisely why I’m scared.   Outside of your world again and all the voices blur Disconnected from all their familiar faces a rushing in a shell an ocean […]


Finding another way to wish upon a star again hold another moment flush within my arms   Facing another day Sitting down to watch What little time we have slip by…   Wandering astray Hoping to find you Lost somewhere waiting for me to catch you and bring you home.

The Fallen Scotsman

You want to kill the king only with repose you’d sooner show your innocence what happened to the man I used to know? The soldier I knew but a moment ago That man has morphed back into a boy in all his childish ways You can’t handle it You never could…   Walk away from […]