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Shattered Sea

I’ll carry the sea

in a jar round my neck

rushing and whooshing

it seeps into me


I’ll keep the sea

in a jar round my throat

…caught in a net

never letting it go


I’ll sleep with the sea

wrapped tight round my soul

until the glass breaks

and I’ll never forget…

I’ll never forget…

I’ll never forget…

–Sat. Jan. 10th 2015

Eleven Again

Walking with you

around the curves and bends

just you and I

and all the geometry


discussions of science

-the universe

and I was suddenly eleven again

…we were both there again


I want to stay forever

that’s what I miss the most

I hope I didn’t look too stupid

when i didn’t know the answers

I just love to listen to you sing…


I could wish to pull the lever

turn the world on my head

This means more to me

than you may ever know


Your words ringing in my ears

slowly listening

something new to learn

just you and I

walking and talking

being who we used to be.

–Fri. Jan 2, 2015

Decayed Life

Tattered cobweb shawls

Spidery hands and a skeletal face

Up in the attic, lost in her chest

she rotted and withered away


Threadbare frayed heart

Another empty day

Hiding the hidden —

(locked away)


A washed-out body

for a decayed dress

For all the reasons that she can’t show


Kissed by death

and her alibis

For another empty life


An over-crowded dance floor

another wilted game

another chance to change…away.

–Sun Dec. 12 2014


Living in the past

she sits, she sighs

She wishes for all that can never be

She hopes for an imaginary life


Living in the future

She worries all the time

She makes herself false promises

Her thoughts never rhyme


Living in the present

she finally feels all right

breathing in the here and now

-setting her dreams alight.


The sun comes up from behind

lighting up her hair like a halo

Like the angel she is

In all her imperfections

and brutal reality


Still, she looks like heaven outside

so calm and filled with placidity

the eye of a hurricane comes again

and for a moment, she breathes…


I think I love her through her flaws

despite them, I will always care

More than I did yesterday

and more than halos will ever appear.

Midnight Swim

Sitting out under the bright night sky

I breathe deep

The moonlight reflects on the polished black glass

of the lake

Ripples draw me in

Sliding up, I break the surface

growing fins as I slip

Lightheaded; slightly dizzy with euphoria

Dreaming as the dampness drags me down

A monster pulls from the unseen depths

A blessing in disguise

Gasping for breaths that I no longer have

My sight blurs before me

I’m losing control

of myself

My ears no longer hear as I fall

My lungs no longer breathe

the stiff shivering overtakes me

As I drift into a sleep.

Anansi Sun

The intricate spiral of a spider’s lace

a gentle gossamer gown

Fluttering in a delicate breeze

Sighing in the wind


Woven web

beads of dew lay silent

Mesmerize, hypnotize

Drinking in the opulence


Last moment of the day

evening glints off the translucent threads

The sun sinks into the ground


And then

…in the end

by dawn’s first light

Gone, without a sound.



away from the city lights

I can finally see the stars


Pinpricks of light in a darkening sky

I feel so small

and so far away from you now


It really does make me wonder

It really does make me forget…


Does everyone have

someone they miss

when looking up at the stars?


I stare up again

Lost in thoughts

Gazing into the night.

Snow White

Snow White hiding in the woods

Dwarves are closing in

Blue around the mouth and eyes

Stop the heart and win



Unrequited obsessions

Still beating at the curtain call


Amorous poison

still throbs through the veins of ruby lips


Apple dusted powder white

Snow atop the red

a travesty of the animated stars

Blinded by the innocence and lightly-tipped

Illicit kisses

Silent wishes

Of a supernal Snow White.


Consumed by the swelling of the tides

She watches the waves break

Watches the soft sea froth and foam

The crashing caress of the rocks below


Consumed by the breathing of the sky

The grey turning tumble of clouds and I

Slow eyes upturned to the turbulence

As everything fades away


Consumed by the crashing of the sea

she shivers and slides up close to me

I let her go, I let her watch

and fly away with the waves…