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An Art Post-The Lady In Black

The female incarnation of Death? The Hallowe’en Goddess? A Gothic twist on the vintage pin-up girl? There are endless possibilities…

An Art Post-The Phantom of the Opera

Beltane Faerie

Beneath a hidden toadstool spotted red-and-white a Beltane feast and wine are this faerie’s delight Jumping, twirling, spinning below a Maytime moon dancing ’til the morning light arriving all too soon.  

An Art Post-Elven Warrior

Dracula’s Brides

Ghastly visions clad in white Stealthily they surround you Skin so soft and porcelain bright you shall lose what  you most value Hair a black and velvet night the triplets will suck you dry and through Icy to the touch and nails sharpened to a pike Just your average brides, I guess…only with more bite!