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World Within a World

Eyes softly open Surrounded by trees gentle birdsongs.   My heart sings along to the rhythm of nature Walking feet play the beat   Secluded swing Hidden from view Lost to time amidst brambles and ivy covering the earthen floor.   Unseen beauty hangs deep in this calming place a world inside a world leads […]

Midnight’s Girl

When the clock Strikes midnight I turn into a little girl Once again   I want to stay trapped In the Witching Hour’s hold Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever…

Birthday Wishes

Turn back the clock To when I was a child And slower now, I’ll sink right in and there I’ll stay and hide…   Take me down that road and pull me in all too deep Rock me in the crooked cradle And sing me to sleep…   Oh, sing me lullabies From times long […]


Oh, little girl where have you gone? Are you playing hide-and-seek? is something utterly wrong?   1-2-3-4 follow me through the open door 5-6-7-8 come and set your record straight   Oh, tiny child where have you been? in your casket buried beneath my honest sin   9-10-11-12 into the past and future we’ll delve […]