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Come, little children The time’s come to play To ride on the water-horse To ride far away…   Come, little children I’ll drag you down deep Silently screaming Into an eternal sleep.

Piggy in the Mirror

Piggy in the mirror It fades so I see clearer Open eyes, perceiving nothing Nothing but the worst of luck   Piggy in the mirror Wishing may seem nearer Sealed-up hearts, believing no-one No-one but their sacred selves   Piggy in the mirror Nothing else but queerer What lurks beneath the calm exterior We may […]

Ponderings on Children

Children are the light of our world; as they know nothing, yet see everything.

Garden of Children

There is a place where you can go a place where moonlight softly glows a place where love never dies a place where there are no goodbyes…   Welcome to the moonlit garden where child’s play never withers hearts never harden and innocence lasts forever   Welcome to the garden of children where souls never […]

School of Ghosts

You get the feeling inside that something is very, very wrong Soft cries of long-gone children echo through these empty halls   “Hello, sweetie, are you worried about me? Well, there’s no need to worry about what you can never see…”   and you cannot see those voices an invisible choir singing a song a […]

Missing Children

Where have all the children gone? automatons take their place… cold and harsh the wind does blow against a cracked and battered face