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Morning Dreams

Evanescent is the morning dawn Or nightly cloak as the day is gone Evanescent is the imaginary light Soft and gentle and aching and slight   As silently sleeping with eyes softly closed Longing takes a rest in my heart The rain bleeding in from the open-edged window Sets innocence apart   Evanescent is the […]

Springtime Blossoms

Paper-thin blossoms Rosy as the morning dawn Wet with springtime rains.

The Land of Mango Sunsets

I am from visits to tropical beaches From dancing in the rain damp sand between my toes and mango-colored sunsets in my eyes   I am from the dawn chorus, waking me up for school From murmurings of those up before me the air conditioner breathing; the fan clicking and my older sister playing her […]

Candyfloss Roses

Soft, gentle flurries light like candyfloss searching through the snow for the forever lost   Wishing won’t help for it’s all dead and gone strewn upon rosy petals scattered across the icy dawn

Forever Night

in general you know i’m just kind of tired tired and sleepless i think and when i get up and get washed and get dressed i feel all rather too much awake i want to stay silent and sleepless tonight want it never to turn into day if the sun never rises maybe this time […]

The Icy Fingertips of an Unwanted Dawn

The sun is rising without light blindly I step forwards Rising slowly out of sight thro’ the darkened corridors   the light leaks in the archway windows a cold light; with no warmth it seems the sun has risen too soon rising up from the ominous gloom.