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Decayed Life

Tattered cobweb shawls Spidery hands and a skeletal face Up in the attic, lost in her chest she rotted and withered away   Threadbare frayed heart Another empty day Hiding the hidden — (locked away)   A washed-out body for a decayed dress For all the reasons that she can’t show   Kissed by death […]

Midnight Swim

Sitting out under the bright night sky I breathe deep The moonlight reflects on the polished black glass of the lake Ripples draw me in Sliding up, I break the surface growing fins as I slip Lightheaded; slightly dizzy with euphoria Dreaming as the dampness drags me down A monster pulls from the unseen depths […]

Snow White

Snow White hiding in the woods Dwarves are closing in Blue around the mouth and eyes Stop the heart and win   Passionate Unrequited obsessions Still beating at the curtain call Affection Amorous poison still throbs through the veins of ruby lips   Apple dusted powder white Snow atop the red a travesty of the animated stars Blinded by […]

Morning Mist

Once upon a gentle tide I chanced upon a morning mist The only place I’ve ever known and my heart sleeps beneath the waves…   Something hides beneath the shore Something lost and something found Drowning deep in a watery grave.


Come, little children The time’s come to play To ride on the water-horse To ride far away…   Come, little children I’ll drag you down deep Silently screaming Into an eternal sleep.

Ocean Grave

The waves break as her heart fades away Just like the sea and the sand and the stormy soft breach of the salt   She died for the love Of something she had never known…   The waves fly high over her head and heart, longing for things lost and gone The waves, sea, and […]

Faerie Hill

Stillborn, moonshine Don’t look back Soft and silent Buried underground   Gentle, starlight Say goodnight   Lost and all alone…   Faeries gather all around Never a house but forever a home Deep within the faerie hill…

I Am…

I am the dark thought at the back of your mind. Your deepest fear, the unknown, the unseen. I pass by unnoticed, although you may see my shadow at times. We have not met yet, however someday, we will. I shall take you dancing; give you a ride through the snowy forest on my horse. […]

Death in the Victorian Era

Modern society calls death prohibited, unmentionable…taboo.Society has not always considered death to be a forbidden subject. Please bear in mind that the Victorians took death in the highest regard. Most families would rather go to the poorhouse than have a parish funeral for a deceased relative. The cemetery (Side note: graveyards must be within church […]

A Rant About Death

Death. It is a part of life that we often shy away from, or deny, when in fact it is inevitable to each and every one of us. I, personally, have a great interest in death and the dying process, which often gains me rather peculiar looks from those around me. So why, in the […]