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Lost and Found

I’m lost in a place where I never want to be found ever again…   I’m lost worlds away right here in your arms with people I could call my family I feel all right, I feel okay I don’t usually feel this way… I don’t ever want to leave.   I’m drowning in a […]


It’s spring right now here all the cherry blossoms are out and how I wish you were here to see them to be with me…   I’m just learning how to breathe (again) It’s just March and Flurries of pink petals Rosy as the morning dew All full up and dripping like My love for […]


Yes, I’ll stay Play pretend for one more day Live the dream another way and nothing left to say …nothing left to say   I can try to stay Play pretend for another day Drenched in this passionate calm Calmly passionate place Please don’t let me escape… I won’t try to get away again.   […]


Silver threads Encased inside a silver room Dream of gossamer wings Flitting fabric dry after springtime rains Metamorphosize Into another shade of yourself Silently unfold Out of your gilded cocoon.

Sharing Silence

I’ve been waiting to hear your melodies But all the world is silent.   I’ve come to listen to your dreams but you have none to share with me.

Faerie Trance

Alone I wandered to the woodlands one night Drawn in by a lilting faerie tune   Softly and silently I drew near in the hope that they would grant me a boon   Unbeknownst to me in one step times three I stepped inside a faerie ring   I was caught in a trap of […]

Rose-Colored World

sometimes  i want to see the world through rose-colored glasses rose-colored eyes should leave no surprise… but it’s not really like that not really so… is it?