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Storm Asunder

Left asunder by the storm I pick up the broken parts To rebuild again Is my only hope; only chance for survival.   I feel the magick in the air My fingertips tingle as I Step on wood, dampened by rain…   Cold, wet leaves upon the ground Winds whisper softly as I come to […]

Labyrinth Lost

In the soft fluttering whispering wind of the night The tree branches unfurl and begin to sing Rosebuds of crimson thought fall from the sky like rain The stars above in the navy-black sky Swirl round and round… Winged wood-elves Leading you into a labyrinth lost and growing you over with branches and moss.

Faerie Trance

Alone I wandered to the woodlands one night Drawn in by a lilting faerie tune   Softly and silently I drew near in the hope that they would grant me a boon   Unbeknownst to me in one step times three I stepped inside a faerie ring   I was caught in a trap of […]

The Spirit of the Forest

I hide underneath the tangled roots and betwixt the twisted vines   I hide within the faerie rings so seek and ye shall find   I am here, there, everywhere anyplace you look Please come and take a seat beside the softly babbling brook   You see me in your wildest dreams sailing upon the […]

Beltane Faerie

Beneath a hidden toadstool spotted red-and-white a Beltane feast and wine are this faerie’s delight Jumping, twirling, spinning below a Maytime moon dancing ’til the morning light arriving all too soon.