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The Spectre

…and suddenly I heard the soft notes of a viola being played, somewhere off in the distance. It was a melancholy and haunting tune, and not one that I had heard before. Drawing nearer to the lilting melody, I stumbled upon a clearing lit up by what appeared to be a spectre, clad in white, […]

Waltz of Ghosts

The ballroom is empty Yet full all the same The softly echoing walls Seem to call your name   The swishing of long skirts of deep curtseys and low bows The haunting violas… in silence lies the loudest sound   Slowly the background begins to fade And figures appear, swirling round and round They invite […]

The Land of Mango Sunsets

I am from visits to tropical beaches From dancing in the rain damp sand between my toes and mango-colored sunsets in my eyes   I am from the dawn chorus, waking me up for school From murmurings of those up before me the air conditioner breathing; the fan clicking and my older sister playing her […]

School of Ghosts

You get the feeling inside that something is very, very wrong Soft cries of long-gone children echo through these empty halls   “Hello, sweetie, are you worried about me? Well, there’s no need to worry about what you can never see…”   and you cannot see those voices an invisible choir singing a song a […]