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Death in the Victorian Era

Modern society calls death prohibited, unmentionable…taboo.Society has not always considered death to be a forbidden subject. Please bear in mind that the Victorians took death in the highest regard. Most families would rather go to the poorhouse than have a parish funeral for a deceased relative. The cemetery (Side note: graveyards must be within church […]

Witch Hunt

A witch! A witch! the people cry with glee Puritans clad in black sought out the guilty party   A witch! A witch! a murmur goes through the crowd soft and slow cold and low yet so very strangely loud   Within the dimly-lit courtroom a trial is being held a woman is suspected for […]

Opium Den

drip drip drip the bottle of opium has tipped atop the cracked countertop in the smoke-filled den   ladies came here, as did men to vapourize any worries dumb imported from China, their one true love was this drug that made them numb   opium den, opium den step right up, ladies and gents opium […]

Silent Highwayman

Death’s silent highway on which he rows his boat is the river Thames upon which bodies float   Death’s noiseless oars paddle swiftly through the water he spares no living being no mother, father, or daughter