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Maybe Someday

There’s a pile of clothes lying down on my floor and all I can dream is that they’re yours   That I could pick them up and breathe in your scent and tilt my face up to your smile…   That I could melt all the distance the miles between us two Sometimes we laugh […]


Bottling love heart-side up spilling and overflowing my empty cup …and now it smells of home everywhere.   I breathe in the scented air the noxious toxic euphoric perfume I can’t let go Can’t let go of the pearly sheen infatuated by the swirly smoke -mesmerized by the power it holds   Swallow the poison […]


Kiss me goodbye I can’t help but be afraid that I’ll never survive without you by my side again But this time I have more and that’s precisely why I’m scared.   Outside of your world again and all the voices blur Disconnected from all their familiar faces a rushing in a shell an ocean […]


Finding another way to wish upon a star again hold another moment flush within my arms   Facing another day Sitting down to watch What little time we have slip by…   Wandering astray Hoping to find you Lost somewhere waiting for me to catch you and bring you home.

All My Love

I think someone plucked all the stars from the velvet sky and slipped them into your eyes …into your eyes   I think someone must have melted all the rosy petals to make your cherry smile your warm, inviting mouth the softest lips the perfect kiss…   You are made of stardust starlight all of […]

Lost and Found

I’m lost in a place where I never want to be found ever again…   I’m lost worlds away right here in your arms with people I could call my family I feel all right, I feel okay I don’t usually feel this way… I don’t ever want to leave.   I’m drowning in a […]


It’s spring right now here all the cherry blossoms are out and how I wish you were here to see them to be with me…   I’m just learning how to breathe (again) It’s just March and Flurries of pink petals Rosy as the morning dew All full up and dripping like My love for […]

Eleven Again

Walking with you around the curves and bends just you and I and all the geometry   discussions of science -the universe and I was suddenly eleven again …we were both there again   I want to stay forever that’s what I miss the most I hope I didn’t look too stupid when i didn’t […]


The sun comes up from behind lighting up her hair like a halo Like the angel she is In all her imperfections and brutal reality   Still, she looks like heaven outside so calm and filled with placidity the eye of a hurricane comes again and for a moment, she breathes…   I think I […]


Here away from the city lights I can finally see the stars   Pinpricks of light in a darkening sky I feel so small and so far away from you now   It really does make me wonder It really does make me forget…   Does everyone have someone they miss when looking up at the […]