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Consumed by the swelling of the tides She watches the waves break Watches the soft sea froth and foam The crashing caress of the rocks below   Consumed by the breathing of the sky The grey turning┬átumble of clouds and I Slow eyes upturned to the turbulence As everything fades away   Consumed by the […]

Lonely Island

An island unto myself and me with nobody else my heart melts into the sand and my hair into the sea… Sitting on a lonely island Just the place for me.

Listen to the Rain

Listen to the rain It falls around us as teardrops in an ocean would Whispering secrets in a storm Cold, wet, and wistful Always wishing for more…   Listen to the rain Singing softly to the sky Sighs on the wind As daylight melts away Won’t you listen to the rain?


Soft Sweet Melancholy silence Letting me realize No impressions of sound Final quiet Before the storm Brews near   Gentle faerie music Hear their songs sung on the wind totum omnia as everything falls silent again.

The Spectre

…and suddenly I heard the soft notes of a viola being played, somewhere off in the distance. It was a melancholy and haunting tune, and not one that I had heard before. Drawing nearer to the lilting melody, I stumbled upon a clearing lit up by what appeared to be a spectre, clad in white, […]

Garden of Children

There is a place where you can go a place where moonlight softly glows a place where love never dies a place where there are no goodbyes…   Welcome to the moonlit garden where child’s play never withers hearts never harden and innocence lasts forever   Welcome to the garden of children where souls never […]

What If

What if I’m an introvert who doesn’t want to be alone What if I’m a shy girl who reaps what she has sown What if all I’m looking for is all I’ve ever known What if all I’m asking for is a place that I can call home…

Melancholy Mist

A melancholy mist settles like a veil A quiet kind of sad happiness You feel it hang in the air and wish it weren’t there as you slip deeper and deeper in…