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Winter’s Kiss

Winter’s kiss a whisper in the mist a gently frosted innocence…   Winter’s kiss The wind is your embrace Winter’s kiss Softly sparkling silver lips   Winter’s kiss a fleeting, floating feeling of wishing, wasting, wanting… The moment slips away before too long The forever now long-gone Evanescence of a winter’s kiss.

World Within a World

Eyes softly open Surrounded by trees gentle birdsongs.   My heart sings along to the rhythm of nature Walking feet play the beat   Secluded swing Hidden from view Lost to time amidst brambles and ivy covering the earthen floor.   Unseen beauty hangs deep in this calming place a world inside a world leads […]


In the softly evanescent fog Something comes creeping… An unseen danger lost to time Slowly ticking away You may not see it if you move slowly For the dead travel fast Until the creature swiftly moves away Satiated at last.

Melancholy Mist

A melancholy mist settles like a veil A quiet kind of sad happiness You feel it hang in the air and wish it weren’t there as you slip deeper and deeper in…