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Midnight Swim

Sitting out under the bright night sky I breathe deep The moonlight reflects on the polished black glass of the lake Ripples draw me in Sliding up, I break the surface growing fins as I slip Lightheaded; slightly dizzy with euphoria Dreaming as the dampness drags me down A monster pulls from the unseen depths […]

Faerie Hill

Stillborn, moonshine Don’t look back Soft and silent Buried underground   Gentle, starlight Say goodnight   Lost and all alone…   Faeries gather all around Never a house but forever a home Deep within the faerie hill…

Heartbeat of the Earth

In a butterfly’s winged whisper¬†I found A heartbeat deep inside¬†the ground I think it was the Heartbeat of the Earth   In the howl of wolves on an opulent night Singing to the lunar light I swear I sensed the Heartbeat of the Earth   In the glint of the sun In the light of […]

Beltane Faerie

Beneath a hidden toadstool spotted red-and-white a Beltane feast and wine are this faerie’s delight Jumping, twirling, spinning below a Maytime moon dancing ’til the morning light arriving all too soon.  

Garden of Children

There is a place where you can go a place where moonlight softly glows a place where love never dies a place where there are no goodbyes…   Welcome to the moonlit garden where child’s play never withers hearts never harden and innocence lasts forever   Welcome to the garden of children where souls never […]

Harvest Moon Haiku

Leaves crunch below me the harvest moon rises high a crisp autumn night