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Morning Mist

Once upon a gentle tide I chanced upon a morning mist The only place I’ve ever known and my heart sleeps beneath the waves…   Something hides beneath the shore Something lost and something found Drowning deep in a watery grave.

Swimming Home

Trapped within my own Hollow skin My kind are calling Calling Calling Out to me To take me Slowly swimming home But I can’t go Caged beneath this flesh That isn’t my own   Trapped within Another’s skin Waiting to be me again Fly free again Swim between the waves Swimming slowly home…


Come, little children The time’s come to play To ride on the water-horse To ride far away…   Come, little children I’ll drag you down deep Silently screaming Into an eternal sleep.

Faerie Hill

Stillborn, moonshine Don’t look back Soft and silent Buried underground   Gentle, starlight Say goodnight   Lost and all alone…   Faeries gather all around Never a house but forever a home Deep within the faerie hill…

Messenger of Death

The Messenger of Death Expeditiously she comes; and fleetly she goes On velvet-ebony feathers Representing ravens and crows…   On silent wings of charcoal she flies Swiftly through the night   With a soft caw She bears lost souls And guides them from the light   An omen she is Of untimely demise And take […]

Phoenix Heart

A phoenix heart born from the ashes a fire lights up the night   Heated feathers rustle wishes abound a soft, desperate cry swirls round and round   Swooping and swirling coming in little flashes a solitary bird in flight   So close to the flame Yet so far from the fire I allow my […]


I’ve been down this road so many times Trying to remember how to walk within the lines   I’ve been climbing all your trees trying to hide in between the leaves trying to see what lies ahead…   I’ve been sitting on a creaky porch swing trying to thinkĀ at one with the wind trying to […]