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Midnight Swim

Sitting out under the bright night sky I breathe deep The moonlight reflects on the polished black glass of the lake Ripples draw me in Sliding up, I break the surface growing fins as I slip Lightheaded; slightly dizzy with euphoria Dreaming as the dampness drags me down A monster pulls from the unseen depths […]

Anansi Sun

The intricate spiral of a spider’s lace a gentle gossamer gown Fluttering in a delicate breeze Sighing in the wind   Woven web beads of dew lay silent Mesmerize, hypnotize Drinking in the opulence   Last moment of the day evening glints off the translucent threads The sun sinks into the ground   And then […]


Here away from the city lights I can finally see the stars   Pinpricks of light in a darkening sky I feel so small and so far away from you now   It really does make me wonder It really does make me forget…   Does everyone have someone they miss when looking up at the […]


Consumed by the swelling of the tides She watches the waves break Watches the soft sea froth and foam The crashing caress of the rocks below   Consumed by the breathing of the sky The grey turning tumble of clouds and I Slow eyes upturned to the turbulence As everything fades away   Consumed by the […]

Lonely Island

An island unto myself and me with nobody else my heart melts into the sand and my hair into the sea… Sitting on a lonely island Just the place for me.


Silver threads Encased inside a silver room Dream of gossamer wings Flitting fabric dry after springtime rains Metamorphosize Into another shade of yourself Silently unfold Out of your gilded cocoon.

Springtime Blossoms

Paper-thin blossoms Rosy as the morning dawn Wet with springtime rains.