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Midnight Swim

Sitting out under the bright night sky I breathe deep The moonlight reflects on the polished black glass of the lake Ripples draw me in Sliding up, I break the surface growing fins as I slip Lightheaded; slightly dizzy with euphoria Dreaming as the dampness drags me down A monster pulls from the unseen depths […]


Here away from the city lights I can finally see the stars   Pinpricks of light in a darkening sky I feel so small and so far away from you now   It really does make me wonder It really does make me forget…   Does everyone have someone they miss when looking up at the […]


I still remember the days Pounding soft surf and waking to waves…..   -and the nights warm and humid cicaks and The strumming of a lone guitar Enveloped by the dark fabric of the sky   I still remember Everything in between the worlds and if I could find a way to get it back, I would […]

Morning Dreams

Evanescent is the morning dawn Or nightly cloak as the day is gone Evanescent is the imaginary light Soft and gentle and aching and slight   As silently sleeping with eyes softly closed Longing takes a rest in my heart The rain bleeding in from the open-edged window Sets innocence apart   Evanescent is the […]


Biting wishes into apples A time of balance has arrived Drinking cakes and ale beneath a gently darkening cloud-laced sky…   It is the equinox of the autumn The harmonious Sabbat of Mabon While with friends or in solitude Nights to come will seem so beautifully long.

Midnight’s Girl

When the clock Strikes midnight I turn into a little girl Once again   I want to stay trapped In the Witching Hour’s hold Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever…

Labyrinth Lost

In the soft fluttering whispering wind of the night The tree branches unfurl and begin to sing Rosebuds of crimson thought fall from the sky like rain The stars above in the navy-black sky Swirl round and round… Winged wood-elves Leading you into a labyrinth lost and growing you over with branches and moss.

Heartbeat of the Earth

In a butterfly’s winged whisper I found A heartbeat deep inside the ground I think it was the Heartbeat of the Earth   In the howl of wolves on an opulent night Singing to the lunar light I swear I sensed the Heartbeat of the Earth   In the glint of the sun In the light of […]

The Spectre

…and suddenly I heard the soft notes of a viola being played, somewhere off in the distance. It was a melancholy and haunting tune, and not one that I had heard before. Drawing nearer to the lilting melody, I stumbled upon a clearing lit up by what appeared to be a spectre, clad in white, […]

Birthday Wishes

Turn back the clock To when I was a child And slower now, I’ll sink right in and there I’ll stay and hide…   Take me down that road and pull me in all too deep Rock me in the crooked cradle And sing me to sleep…   Oh, sing me lullabies From times long […]