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Here away from the city lights I can finally see the stars   Pinpricks of light in a darkening sky I feel so small and so far away from you now   It really does make me wonder It really does make me forget…   Does everyone have someone they miss when looking up at the […]

Ashes of You

Sometimes when you burn all your bridges It gives you nothing to come back to It makes me want to burn all the pictures Turn all of them into ashes of you   To keep in a locket around my neck A secret trapped in my heart And when the time comes, I know I’ll […]

Why Do I…?

Why do I stay here? When all I want to do is leave Why do I lie awake? When all I want to do is go to sleep Why do I stay here? When sometimes dreamland is better than reality When sometimes the physical world tangles up morality It’s better to lose yourself in a […]

Ponderings on Children

Children are the light of our world; as they know nothing, yet see everything.

Impossible Someday

Makes you wonder sometimes …doesn’t it? About life, and death, and all sorts of other stuff About wishes, dreams, intangibilities and escaping the glass-walled box you’ve encased yourself in… Freeze time! -and memories! and everything else! Dust off all your impossible wishes that you’ve kept on your shelf… …because the time is now! Now, and never […]


I’ve been down this road so many times Trying to remember how to walk within the lines   I’ve been climbing all your trees trying to hide in between the leaves trying to see what lies ahead…   I’ve been sitting on a creaky porch swing trying to think at one with the wind trying to […]

Snow in March

today i woke up and it was snowing -in march! i thought of Edward Scissorhands and smiled how couldn’t i? so i looked up at the sky and thought that i could live my whole life through and never again once see snow in march. wouldn’t you?

Rose-Colored World

sometimes  i want to see the world through rose-colored glasses rose-colored eyes should leave no surprise… but it’s not really like that not really so… is it?