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Swimming Home

Trapped within my own Hollow skin My kind are calling Calling Calling Out to me To take me Slowly swimming home But I can’t go Caged beneath this flesh That isn’t my own   Trapped within Another’s skin Waiting to be me again Fly free again Swim between the waves Swimming slowly home…

Why Do I…?

Why do I stay here? When all I want to do is leave Why do I lie awake? When all I want to do is go to sleep Why do I stay here? When sometimes dreamland is better than reality When sometimes the physical world tangles up morality It’s better to lose yourself in a […]

What If

What if I’m an introvert who doesn’t want to be alone What if I’m a shy girl who reaps what she has sown What if all I’m looking for is all I’ve ever known What if all I’m asking for is a place that I can call home…

The Land of Mango Sunsets

I am from visits to tropical beaches From dancing in the rain damp sand between my toes and mango-colored sunsets in my eyes   I am from the dawn chorus, waking me up for school From murmurings of those up before me the air conditioner breathing; the fan clicking and my older sister playing her […]

Gloom Beach

waves crashing pounding surf … travelers swept away it all depends  on the turn of the tides let it be night or day. Yet the sea also has a gentle side waves lapping at your feet damp sand in between your toes …a trip down to Gloom Beach. the sky is a turbulent grey wet tears fall like rain […]


Maiden, mother, crone she reaps what she has sown. Crone, mother, maiden with responsibility she is laden. Each and every step of the way the Goddess is inside her. Aiding and abetting each day the Goddess will help guide her.

Forest Rain

Today I spent some time walking in the forest. It was cool, green and wet, and I loved it so much. I felt so calm, free, and….alive somehow. My time in the rainy woodlands brought out a sense of childhood wonder and excitement that I have not felt for quite some time. Or maybe that’s […]