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Labyrinth Lost

In the soft fluttering whispering wind of the night The tree branches unfurl and begin to sing Rosebuds of crimson thought fall from the sky like rain The stars above in the navy-black sky Swirl round and round… Winged wood-elves Leading you into a labyrinth lost and growing you over with branches and moss.

Candyfloss Roses

Soft, gentle flurries light like candyfloss searching through the snow for the forever lost   Wishing won’t help for it’s all dead and gone strewn upon rosy petals scattered across the icy dawn

If I Were…

If i were a golden apple then how tarnished would i be? What if all that i ever wished for was all i could ever see…   If i were a melted rose cold and shivering in the wind then how long would it take me to break free and softly sing?

Rose-Colored World

sometimes  i want to see the world through rose-colored glasses rose-colored eyes should leave no surprise… but it’s not really like that not really so… is it?  

Hidden Winter Rose

The soft winter woodland grows icy winter windstorms blow Cold and icy grows the rose where it lies nobody knows