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Winter’s Kiss

Winter’s kiss a whisper in the mist a gently frosted innocence…   Winter’s kiss The wind is your embrace Winter’s kiss Softly sparkling silver lips   Winter’s kiss a fleeting, floating feeling of wishing, wasting, wanting… The moment slips away before too long The forever now long-gone Evanescence of a winter’s kiss.


Biting wishes into apples A time of balance has arrived Drinking cakes and ale beneath a gently darkening cloud-laced sky…   It is the equinox of the autumn The harmonious Sabbat of Mabon While with friends or in solitude Nights to come will seem so beautifully long.

Lughnasadh Eve

Celtic god of light and sun Arises in the East Harvesting apples, corn, and grain To make a Lammas feast   The darker days of winter beckon at last and the warmer days of Midsummer have gently gone and past the Earth has given up her bountiful harvests On the eve of Lughnasadh we shall […]

Beltane Faerie

Beneath a hidden toadstool spotted red-and-white a Beltane feast and wine are this faerie’s delight Jumping, twirling, spinning below a Maytime moon dancing ’til the morning light arriving all too soon.  


The grass is wet with droplets of dew the sun peeks through a sky of blue…   Bare feet run still with the promise of rain Unused eggs to dye we’ll drain Where the flowers bloom, and the trees grew moss the cold chills of Yule are left behind and lost   Vernal leporidae multiply […]