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Anansi Sun

The intricate spiral of a spider’s lace a gentle gossamer gown Fluttering in a delicate breeze Sighing in the wind   Woven web beads of dew lay silent Mesmerize, hypnotize Drinking in the opulence   Last moment of the day evening glints off the translucent threads The sun sinks into the ground   And then […]

Faerie Hill

Stillborn, moonshine Don’t look back Soft and silent Buried underground   Gentle, starlight Say goodnight   Lost and all alone…   Faeries gather all around Never a house but forever a home Deep within the faerie hill…

I Am…

I am the dark thought at the back of your mind. Your deepest fear, the unknown, the unseen. I pass by unnoticed, although you may see my shadow at times. We have not met yet, however someday, we will. I shall take you dancing; give you a ride through the snowy forest on my horse. […]

Forgotten Memories

You whisper still forgotten memories lost in time   Silent promises never spoken   Impossible wishes Lost amidst the stars   …I wish you wouldn’t whisper anything at all Because it makes me forget Where I really am and how I got here and how I can’t go back and all those things I can’t […]


Soft Sweet Melancholy silence Letting me realize No impressions of sound Final quiet Before the storm Brews near   Gentle faerie music Hear their songs sung on the wind totum omnia as everything falls silent again.

Sharing Silence

I’ve been waiting to hear your melodies But all the world is silent.   I’ve come to listen to your dreams but you have none to share with me.