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Kiss me goodbye I can’t help but be afraid that I’ll never survive without you by my side again But this time I have more and that’s precisely why I’m scared.   Outside of your world again and all the voices blur Disconnected from all their familiar faces a rushing in a shell an ocean […]

Second-Hand Faith

She gives me her faded fantasies and second-hand faith Not full at all   We can never be this close again No matter how hard we try more hope more wishes more lies but no more sad, sick goodbyes…   and not another sharp corner not another surprise I won’t let it happen again Not […]

Eleven Again

Walking with you around the curves and bends just you and I and all the geometry   discussions of science -the universe and I was suddenly eleven again …we were both there again   I want to stay forever that’s what I miss the most I hope I didn’t look too stupid when i didn’t […]

Ashes of You

Sometimes when you burn all your bridges It gives you nothing to come back to It makes me want to burn all the pictures Turn all of them into ashes of you   To keep in a locket around my neck A secret trapped in my heart And when the time comes, I know I’ll […]

Winter’s Kiss

Winter’s kiss a whisper in the mist a gently frosted innocence…   Winter’s kiss The wind is your embrace Winter’s kiss Softly sparkling silver lips   Winter’s kiss a fleeting, floating feeling of wishing, wasting, wanting… The moment slips away before too long The forever now long-gone Evanescence of a winter’s kiss.

World Within a World

Eyes softly open Surrounded by trees gentle birdsongs.   My heart sings along to the rhythm of nature Walking feet play the beat   Secluded swing Hidden from view Lost to time amidst brambles and ivy covering the earthen floor.   Unseen beauty hangs deep in this calming place a world inside a world leads […]


In the softly evanescent fog Something comes creeping… An unseen danger lost to time Slowly ticking away You may not see it if you move slowly For the dead travel fast Until the creature swiftly moves away Satiated at last.

Forgotten Memories

You whisper still forgotten memories lost in time   Silent promises never spoken   Impossible wishes Lost amidst the stars   …I wish you wouldn’t whisper anything at all Because it makes me forget Where I really am and how I got here and how I can’t go back and all those things I can’t […]

Midnight’s Girl

When the clock Strikes midnight I turn into a little girl Once again   I want to stay trapped In the Witching Hour’s hold Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever…