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Swimming Home

Trapped within my own Hollow skin My kind are calling Calling Calling Out to me To take me Slowly swimming home But I can’t go Caged beneath this flesh That isn’t my own   Trapped within Another’s skin Waiting to be me again Fly free again Swim between the waves Swimming slowly home…


Tawny roar trapped in a cage All you ever do is pace… What if we turned you half human? Then would they finally understand? Why can’t they relate to anything but themselves? Would they only react better if they were the ones who were caged?

Starlight Barker

Dog in space Cry for help No-one hears Barks echo within your silver planet home You leave forever Lost to the stars Drifting away from your life… Slowly suffocating. They all knew you would die someday They just didn’t feel it ’til now Didn’t know it would be so soon… Laika, Laika Can you hear […]

Storm Asunder

Left asunder by the storm I pick up the broken parts To rebuild again Is my only hope; only chance for survival.   I feel the magick in the air My fingertips tingle as I Step on wood, dampened by rain…   Cold, wet leaves upon the ground Winds whisper softly as I come to […]

Forgotten Memories

You whisper still forgotten memories lost in time   Silent promises never spoken   Impossible wishes Lost amidst the stars   …I wish you wouldn’t whisper anything at all Because it makes me forget Where I really am and how I got here and how I can’t go back and all those things I can’t […]

Midnight’s Girl

When the clock Strikes midnight I turn into a little girl Once again   I want to stay trapped In the Witching Hour’s hold Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever…

Faerie Trance

Alone I wandered to the woodlands one night Drawn in by a lilting faerie tune   Softly and silently I drew near in the hope that they would grant me a boon   Unbeknownst to me in one step times three I stepped inside a faerie ring   I was caught in a trap of […]