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I Am…

I am the dark thought at the back of your mind. Your deepest fear, the unknown, the unseen. I pass by unnoticed, although you may see my shadow at times. We have not met yet, however someday, we will. I shall take you dancing; give you a ride through the snowy forest on my horse. […]


In the softly evanescent fog Something comes creeping… An unseen danger lost to time Slowly ticking away You may not see it if you move slowly For the dead travel fast Until the creature swiftly moves away Satiated at last.

Ponderings on Children

Children are the light of our world; as they know nothing, yet see everything.

Snow in March

today i woke up and it was snowing -in march! i thought of Edward Scissorhands and smiled how couldn’t i? so i looked up at the sky and thought that i could live my whole life through and never again once see snow in march. wouldn’t you?

Rose-Colored World

sometimes¬† i want to see the world through rose-colored glasses rose-colored eyes should leave no surprise… but it’s not really like that not really so… is it?