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Anansi Sun

The intricate spiral of a spider’s lace a gentle gossamer gown Fluttering in a delicate breeze Sighing in the wind   Woven web beads of dew lay silent Mesmerize, hypnotize Drinking in the opulence   Last moment of the day evening glints off the translucent threads The sun sinks into the ground   And then […]

Storm Asunder

Left asunder by the storm I pick up the broken parts To rebuild again Is my only hope; only chance for survival.   I feel the magick in the air My fingertips tingle as I Step on wood, dampened by rain…   Cold, wet leaves upon the ground Winds whisper softly as I come to […]

Labyrinth Lost

In the soft fluttering whispering wind of the night The tree branches unfurl and begin to sing Rosebuds of crimson thought fall from the sky like rain The stars above in the navy-black sky Swirl round and round… Winged wood-elves Leading you into a labyrinth lost and growing you over with branches and moss.

Missing Children

Where have all the children gone? automatons take their place… cold and harsh the wind does blow against a cracked and battered face