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Lost and Found

I’m lost in a place where I never want to be found ever again…   I’m lost worlds away right here in your arms with people I could call my family I feel all right, I feel okay I don’t usually feel this way… I don’t ever want to leave.   I’m drowning in a […]


It’s spring right now here all the cherry blossoms are out and how I wish you were here to see them to be with me…   I’m just learning how to breathe (again) It’s just March and Flurries of pink petals Rosy as the morning dew All full up and dripping like My love for […]


Living in the past she sits, she sighs She wishes for all that can never be She hopes for an imaginary life   Living in the future She worries all the time She makes herself false promises Her thoughts never rhyme   Living in the present she finally feels all right breathing in the here […]

Calling Out

The lost worlds of lush tropical trees My lost past, it calls out to me Left behind in all my haste But forgotten, never the bittersweet taste Of things I’ve pushed away Away and away and away and away… Saving and wishing for another day Another lost-laced tropical song… Worlds and worlds and worlds away […]

Listen to the Rain

Listen to the rain It falls around us as teardrops in an ocean would Whispering secrets in a storm Cold, wet, and wistful Always wishing for more…   Listen to the rain Singing softly to the sky Sighs on the wind As daylight melts away Won’t you listen to the rain?

Piggy in the Mirror

Piggy in the mirror It fades so I see clearer Open eyes, perceiving nothing Nothing but the worst of luck   Piggy in the mirror Wishing may seem nearer Sealed-up hearts, believing no-one No-one but their sacred selves   Piggy in the mirror Nothing else but queerer What lurks beneath the calm exterior We may […]


tangled roots with wishes unwound twisted, knotted bark with secrets never found   looking up makes me lose the spiral of time somehow   makes me wish I’d played round the lines sometime   lets me know that silence utter, pure silence is the loudest sound   makes me think I’ll never have what I […]

Candyfloss Roses

Soft, gentle flurries light like candyfloss searching through the snow for the forever lost   Wishing won’t help for it’s all dead and gone strewn upon rosy petals scattered across the icy dawn

Forever Night

in general you know i’m just kind of tired tired and sleepless i think and when i get up and get washed and get dressed i feel all rather too much awake i want to stay silent and sleepless tonight want it never to turn into day if the sun never rises maybe this time […]